Skin Repair and Barrier Cream

Skin Repair and Barrier Cream
Skin Repair and Barrier Cream

Skin Repair and Barrier Cream

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Hydrate, protect and restore your skin

My Mia's Skin Repair & Barrier Cream is a beautifully balanced cream enriched with organic cold-pressed oils and natural ingredients to produce the best moisturising experience for your skin. Ceramide and cholesterol are also added to boost skin barrier protection, hydrating and locking in moisture to restore your skin's glow.


Certification: Natural (made with organic ingredients), Toxic Free and Australian Allergy Certified

Size: 100ml

Our cold-pressed organic oils, shea butter and ceramide and cholesterol, work together to deeply hydrate the skin, lock moisture into your skin and prevent water loss. The deep hydrating ingredients can leave your skin feeling moisturised and protected throughout the day.


Replenishing the impaired skin barrier with ceramide and cholesterol is a critical component in your long-term eczema management plan. Strengthening the skin on the inside and creating a protective barrier (preventing further water loss and locking in moisture into the skin) will ensure your skin returns to its glowing, vibrant condition again.


We have included gentle, calming and soothing ingredients to assist irritated and inflamed skin. The gentle ingredients penetrate the skin’s deeper layers ensuring skin repair and generation of new skin cells.


We have selected the highest quality, cold-pressed (wherever possible), certified organic ingredients for your complete skin calming, repair and hydration remedy. These ingredients are rich in vitamins and minerals and have been expertly formulated to restore your skin’s natural glow.


Our Skin Repair & Barrier Cream provides immediate relief to dry skin with dermatitis. It is also gentle enough to use on your face, neck and on your body. Application is easy, simply open the tube squeeze a small amount into your hands and apply a thin layer of cream on your skin.

Apricot kernel

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial: calms and soothes skin irritated by eczema while also restoring moisture.


Anti-inflammatory and deeply hydrating: soothes and forms a protective barrier to lock in moisture. It is easily absorbed and penetrates the skin’s barrier to improve hydration, which provides welcome relief for eczema sufferers.

Sweet Almond Oil

Antibacterial, antioxidant: easily absorbed into the skin and is deeply nourishing for skin suffering from eczema.

Jojoba Seed Oil

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant cold pressed organic jojoba oil: has a deeply moisturising and calming effect on dry skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully moisturised and nourished.

Shea nut butter

Skin moisturising and skin barrier protection: soothes, and moisturises the skin, which provides welcome relief to a person suffering from eczema, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis.

Rosehip Oil

Deeply moisturising: restores moisture balance to dry and damaged skin.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Antioxidant: may help to repair scar tissue while also softening and repairing the skin.

Ceramide & cholestrol

Skin barrier repair: creates a protective layer to lock in moisture, leaving skin feeling more moisturised and refreshed.

Sunflower OIL

Antioxidant: calms and soothes red, irritated skin, while hydrating and improving the skin’s barrier.


I was surprised at how quickly the creams took effect

My son started using My Mia’s Eczema creams less than 2 months ago and his skin looks and feels incredible. We’ve cut down on our reliance of steroids. His personality is back to normal and he’s now a happy little boy who can be a kid again. I’m very surprised at how quickly the creams took effect.

Lisa & Connor
The redness goes away really quickly... His skin feels beautiful

Nate's eczema gets quite severe on his face, his groin, his bottom, tummy, underarms. We're using
the My Mia’s creams. The redness goes out straight away. It heals up very quickly.
I go straight to, the
creams now because they're just so much cleaner and healthier and they work.

Britt & Nate
After 3 days I noticed a pretty impressive difference and he stopped itching.

A girlfriend referred me onto My Mia’s and I reluctantly gave it a try. We used the bath salts, the level 2 cream and the barrier cream morning and night. After 3 days on the products I noticed a pretty impressive difference and Lenny had stopped itching. I’ve been so impressed with the products and how they’ve helped my son. Geeta, from one mum to another trying to help give their children some relief. THANK YOU!

Courtney & Lenny